Leona Lewis to Sing for Obama?

Looks like all that stumping that Leona Lewis did for President-elect Barack Obama has paid off—and not just in Obama’s November 4 election victory.

The Sun reports that Lewis, 23, is in talks to perform at Obama’s January 20 inaugural bash in Washington, D.C., possibly joining Beyonce and Jay-Z for a celebration concert.

British-born, sexy vegetarian Lewis, whose single “Bleeding Love” hit #1 on American charts, has been vocal in her support for Obama. She opined that Obama’s election “could inspire young ethnic minorities in the UK to do something productive and show it’s not cool to do nothing with your life.”

A source tells the paper that “Various inquiries have been made to Leona’s people about her availability on January 20″ and that “her team are going through her diary at the moment.”

This would be the latest in a string of super-high-profile gigs for Lewis. She performed with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and was also on hand for Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party earlier this year.

Obama’s inaugural celebration is expected to draw in excess of 1 million people to Washington.