Paris Hilton Caption Contest: One Smooth Offer

Holiday-season stress making your face look more wrinkly than Bea Arthur’s…knee? Have no fear—Celebuzz partner site The Superficial has the cure for what ails you.

Starting today and running through December 1st, the Superficial is running a caption contest. The lucky winner will be awarded $500 worth of Botox treatment from a local physician.

All you have to do is wrinkle your brow and come up with a stunning caption to the above photo of Paris Hilton.

Really, how hard can it be to make fun of Paris Hilton’s mug?

You’ll even have the option of having your before-and-after pictures posted on the site; so everyone can gasp in awe at the smooth new you.

So head on over to the contest and get to work. A face like a baby’s bottom could be yours!