Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler: Remarried?

Here’s the perfect couple to cast in War of the Roses 2008: Drummer extraordinaire Travis Barker, 33, and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler, 33.

Sunday at the Miss California USA pageant, Shanna was sporting her wedding ring.

Travis and Shanna have a famously contentious relationship. The MTV reality show marrieds’ divorce was finalized this year after much bandwith spent on Internet blog feuding starting in 2006. Paris Hilton was thrown into the mix so much so that Moakler allegedly punched her in the face at a club at one point that same year for dating her man.

Even then, the couple were on again/off again. They share two children together, son Landon, 5, and daughter Alabama, 3, and have been reportedly trying to give their marriage another go since last year…despite that pesky divorce still taking place.

When Barker was in a plane crash in September, former Miss USA Moakler tearfully flew to Georgia to be by his side. But then Barker trashed her in a blog post for not visiting enough!

This prompted Moakler to use actor Gerard Butler, 39, as something to lean on while drunk.

It seems, as of Sunday, that her reported lack of visitation after the first week is forgiven and that they’re back on. Or at least the wedding ring is.

Is that enough to invalidate a divorce?