Amy Poehler Is One Cold Mother

Bundling up against the late-November New York weather (temps in the low 40s—brrr!), former Saturday Night Live star Amy Poehler hit the streets of the West Village with her son Archibald Arnett yesterday to get some fresh—if cold—air and exercise.

Poehler gave birth to Archibald—her first child with husband Will Arnett, 38,—on October 25.

Before becoming a mother in real life, Amy played a surrogate child-bearer opposite Saturday Night Live pal Tina Fey, 38, in 2008’s Baby Mama.

Actual child-rearing is no doubt more exacting for Amy than the movie-making kind, but the 37-year-old comedienne isn’t letting motherhood slow her down.

In addition to developing a new comedy series with the producers of The Office to air early next year, Poehler has also launched a digital series, Smart Girls at the Party.  The digital show “aims to help young girls find confidence in their own aspirations and talents.”

Way to inspire, Amy! And running around from job to job is a surefire way to keep warm.