Beyoncé Buzzes Big at ‘Cadillac’ Premiere

Turns out Cadillac could be a far better vehicle for Beyoncé Knowles than Dreamgirls ever was.

At Monday night’s L.A. premiere of Cadillac Records, Beyoncé received perhaps the most positive reaction to an on-screen performance yet. The movie tells the story of pioneering music label Chess Records and pits Mrs. Jay-Z as blues powerhouse Etta James.

Overshadowed by Jennifer Hudson in Bill Condon’s Dreamgirls and not fully connecting in comedic turns like Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Pink Panther, 27-year-old Beyoncé may finally have pulled some legitimate cred as an actress.

After the screening at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater, the likes of Etta, Adrian Brody, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Latham and Survivor: Gabon’s Corinne Kaplan headed to Les Deux for the official Grey Goose after party, where Celebuzz couldn’t find anyone not raving about B’s work.

What’s more refreshing? What a true Southern belle Bey is at heart, walking the venue with mom Tina Knowles in tow, thanking partygoers, producers and cast for their hard work.

“I’ll see you in New York,” Beyoncé cooed to Union, regarding their second leg of promotion.

Tina congratulated Union on her turn in the pic, making a bowing gesture to the Bring It On star.

Funny enough—folks might just do the same for Beyoncé after this film hits.