‘Dancing With the Stars’ Encourages Spray Tanning

Here are some shots of what it looks like backstage at ABC’s monster reality show hit Dancing with the Stars.

Remaining contenders Lance Bass, 29, and perfect 30 recipient Brooke Burke, 37, seem to have the support of friends and family as they foxtrot it out for the crown. And comfy bathrobes!

Bass’ friend and former Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 27, seems to have shown up with a cake for the dancing machine, and Bass comes equipped with a cadre of supportive gays!

Burke has family on her side, seen here holding daughter Sierra Sky, almost 2, and accompanied by her husband, actor David Charvet, 36.

And the competitors have more spray tan than they know what to do with.

The recently single Bass in particular looks like he’s been indulging in a bit of bronzing.

E! reports that Lance got mouthy during the taping of the show’s finale competition, remarking that, “We were the only ones to just do all dancing,” about Burke and the third finalist, NFL great Warren Sapp, 36.

Has someone let the spray tan go to their head? The finale airs tonight.