Gwyneth’s Goop-tastic Thanksgiving

Stylish, sweet and a good cook? What can’t Gwyneth Paltrow do?

For last week’s installment of her lifestyle newsletter Goop, Paltrow disclosed the keys to her Thanksgiving kingdom, from cooking for various party sizes, the perfect sweet potato and even the right moment to pause and reflect.

We at Celebuzz have decided to help with a little recapitulation, as there are only 24 hours left before the big day.

“I love when everyone comes together and celebrates the idea of gratitude, something we all mean to do every day, but seem to lose sight of most of the time,” waxes Mrs. Chris Martin, “I also love the cooking – the days of planning and chopping and basting.”

Which is exactly what she’ll be doing for Martin and their two kids, four year-old Apple and Moses, 2.

Included in her catalogue of chopping and basting: inventive turkey burgers with cranberry ketchup for a party of two, delicious roasted sweet potatoes with orange and spice as well as caramelized brussel sprouts and classic bread stuffing—all of which you can find here.

More important to Paltrow, however, than turkey poundage or timing?

“No matter what type of meal you are having, you take a moment to think about how much you do have,” she writes, “health, love, friendship, passion, perspective, appreciation, intellect, reason, kindness…and reflect on how you can share more of it with others.”

And as an after dinner treat for tomorrow, be sure to check those inboxes for a copy of Goop. In her special Thanksgiving Day edition, she’ll be