Hayden Panettiere's Got a Brand-New Bag

Hayden Panettiere's Got a Brand-New Bag-photo

No one could doubt that Hayden Panettiere's talents are many.

Now the 19-year-old Heroes actress is once again proving her creativity and versatility, bringing her mad skills to the world of women's accessories.

Panettiere (perhaps initiating a career Plan B in light of Heroes' recent ratings slide)
has introduced the Hayden Clutch to the market.

Designed in collaboration with Dooney & Bourke's Italian design team, the $295 handbag—available for delivery in December—is crafted from soft Italian calfskin, with gold leather piping and a 24-carat gold-plated lion's head closure.

The clasp was "inspired by Hayden's astrological sign Leo."

And, while Dooney & Bourke's Web site doesn't say as much, it's probably ideal as a weapon against creepy older men who stalk young ladies through the streets.


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  • jharv

    This little person is smart. She's getting all the cash she can because she knows that Heroes is getting so bad that it's laughable.


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