Kate Moss and Jamie Hince Are Scraping By

Good god; what in the world have Kate Moss and Jamie Hince been up to?

One minute the on-again couple are all giggles. The next, like in the pictures above, taken yesterday, they’re emerging from Stella’s Store in London, looking like they just wrested a badger.

Hince, the 39-year-old guitarist for the Kills, was sporting what looked to be the beginnings of a shiner, along with a mark near the bridge of his schnoz.

Thirty-four-year-old Kate, meanwhile, accessorized her keen outfit with a series of scratches across her cheek. 

Was there some kind of dust-up when Moss brought her mother, Linda Rosina, to meet Hince last week?

Whatever the cause, Jamie seemed to have the cure for what ailed him, in the form of a bottle of bubbly in the back of Moss’ Rolls Royce.

Which is perhaps not the most sympathetic of moves, when your girlfriend is struggling to maintain her newfound sobriety.

Maybe they were fighting over the bottle.