Morning Frills #102: ‘The Wonder Down Under’ Edition

Crikey, mate! Australian swimwear designers Zimmerman launched Swim Fashion Week in Australia on Thursday, and they brought along a gaggle of near-naked Sheilas to model their creations!

Swim Fashion Week doesn’t even take place until February 25 at Sanctuary Cove on Australia’s Gold Coast, but these beauts weren’t wasting any time in showing off the goods. They know that there’s no time to waste when you could be gobbled up by a pack of crocs or boiled in a pot by a bloodthirsty clan of cannibalistic Aborigines at any minute.

Well, done, ladies! You’ve really made our didgeridoos howl!

Click through the gallery on the right for more of the Swim Fashion Launch by Zimmerman. It’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy, like you’re safely tucked away in a wallaby’s pouch.