Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr: Love, Italian-Style

Forget Paris! Italy seems to be the romantic getaway for Hollywood stars in search of a little amore.

Orlando Bloom, 31, and his sexy Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend Miranda Kerr, 25, are currently on a pre-holiday vacation in Venice, Italy. Here they are taking in the sights and snapping some pics yesterday.

Two months ago, Justin Timerblake and Jessica Biel got very lovey-dovey in public throughout the streets of Rome while between projects.

Moviewise, up next for Orlando Bloom is the Hong Kong action flick The Red Circle, which co-stars Chow-Yun Fat and Liam Neeson and is being directed by Johnny To. It’s a remake of the 1970 French film Le Cercle Rouge.

The Red Circle, an action-heist flick following the exploits of three dashing crooks as they rob casinos and jewelers, is due in theaters sometime in 2009.

Maybe the larcenous trio will take something valuable and beautiful from Venice.

Orlando could get into character by stealing a kiss from Miranda.