Pattinson and Stewart Are Rich Suckers

Pattinson and Stewart Are Rich Suckers-photo

Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart continued their promotional duties for their runaway hit flick on Monday. The pair dropped in at the Hollywood office of the Cimarron Group, which has been handling the marketing blitz—trailers, MySpace page, official Web site, etc.—for the hugely popular film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire-romance book.

It would be easy to feel sorry for the young (Pattinson's 22, Stewart's 18) actors.  They seem to be running themselves ragged to publicize the flick.

Rest assured, they're being well-compensated.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that, though the two were initially paid just $2 million each for their starring roles in Twilight, Summit Entertainment is giving the pair a massive pay bump due to the film's boffo box-office. The flick raked in $70.6 million on its opening weekend, and had a budget of just $37 million.

Pattinson and Stewart will receive an additional $10 million each for Twilight, plus $12 million for subsequent films—and at least one sequel is already planned. They'll also earn a percentage of any future Twilight movies' box-office takes.

That's a lot of cash. Now Pattinson can afford those kissing lessons that he so desperately needs. Or at least a comb so he can do something about that unruly coif of his.



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  • rgomez

    He said he liked crazy girls and Kristen is crazy so why aren't they together?

  • minkle

    He belongs with nobody but muah!!!!

  • Sophia


  • Sophia

    Robert is a NOT a bad kisser and I don't care if he said he was because he isn't and I love his hair because it has a rough, sexy, bad ass look! So f*** the people that don't like it and his hair isn't UNRULY you b***h!

  • Marrisa

    in my opinion i think these two look really cute together in the movie and i think that the should end up going out i realy life as well as in the series. them together in the movie, its just ment to be. they really are the perfect couple.