Which ‘DWTS’ Girl Can Back Up Britney Spears?

In case you haven’t heard, Britney Spears has a wee album, a 27th birthday and a tour on the horizon. Celebuzz got to thinking about Britney’s long history of impeccable backup dancers, from the amazing bodies to the incredible choreography.

Millions of American tuned-in to last night’s first part of the Dancing With the Stars finale. At least a few of those viewers were wondering—could one of those pros cut it with Brit?

Take Cheryl Burke, 24, a competitive dancer trained in ballet who’s traveled the world sweeping competitions, not to mention she’s got a chain of her own studios (which B loves).

Or could spirited Lacey Schwimmer, 20, be a better choice? Not only does she teach master dance classes abroad, she’s no stranger to Hollywood (a featured dancer in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Bedtime Stories) and she’s currently partnered with Brit’s fellow teen-pop alum Lance Bass, 29.

Then again headline-grabbing 20-year-old Julianne Hough could be a great contender. Her Midwest upbringing could connect with Spear’s softer side. Also, both she and Spears have been working since childhood, Hough having trained since the age of 10.

You take the poll and tell us: Who would be best backing the Circus performer?