Britney Spears: Turkey Day Tryout

As Celebuzz readers near and far prepare to break bread with family and indulge in insane caloric content, reflect and be thankful for all the exciting things coming up from Britney Spears: album, 27th birthday, MTV tell-alls and the like.

Also, applaud her for how she’s spending her Thanksgiving, by giving legions of foreign fans a performance!

On Monday, the Britster left with father Jamie Spears and manager Larry Rudolph to begin International Circus promotion.

After a quick stop in Germany, she heads to France for an appearance on variety show Star Academy, then a jaunt to jolly England for Simon Cowell’s X Factor.

There’s something classy and throwback about the out-of-town tryout. Brit will wisely work out any kinks abroad; when she brings it for the December 2 American record release, look forward to flawless execution.

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