Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s Wedding a Sham?

There may be a bit of a snag in the “wedding of the year.”

While the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, nuptials of Hills stars Heidi Montag, 22, and Spencer Pratt, 25—and the tie-in Us Weekly cover story—was the talk of Hollywood gossip land Monday, the wedding vows might not hold much weight legally in the United States.

Radar Online’s Mexican sources say Americans must undergo a lengthy process which includes a blood test from a local physician, plus providing authorities with birth certificates.

The site notes that there is no record of this being done by either Heidi or Spencer.

The officially overexposed couple’s publicist says, “I’m not privy to any of that information. If there was a wedding, I wasn’t invited.”

Meanwhile, MTV reports that the network’s cameras just happened to be rolling south of the border to capture Speidi’s bliss. The footage is said to feature prominently in plans for season five of The Hills.