Hugh Jackman to Escape to Broadway

Australia star Hugh Jackman, 40, will reportedly star in a Broadway musical about the life of famed escape artist Harry Houdini.

Sexiest man alive Jackman, who is no stranger to the musical-theater genre having starred in a Broadway show about gay Australian singer Peter Allen called The Boy From Oz, is supposedly already practicing some of Houdini’s magic tricks.

Let’s hope he plays it safe. Houdini’s greatest escape involved being shackled and hung upside-down in a locked glass-and-steel cabinet overflowing with water, according to Wikipedia. Does that mean those guys who wrote The Prestige weren’t so imaginative after all?

Tim Burton’s favorite composer (and former frontman for ’80s band Oingo Boingo) Danny Elfman is reportedly writing music and lyrics for the show.

But there isn’t a script yet; so Jackman has more than enough time to practice not dying.

Luckily he’s an avid swimmer.

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