It’s a Doggone Day for Jerry O’Connell

Failed sitcom actor (Carpoolers and Do Not Disturb, anyone?) but proud and sometimes topless impending father Jerry O’Connell, 34, was spotted sheepishly taking two pet poodles to Petco pet center.

The lucky canines, Better and Taco, are the cherished doggies of Jerry’s wife, actress Rebecca Romijn, 36.  The animals are getting bathed and groomed to look celebrity-worthy for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Jerry appears a little embarrassed.

Yes, a grown man carrying around two poodles can be considered a little less than manly.

But he is the guy who knocked up his wife, supermodel and Ugly Betty actress Rebecca, with twin girls! And without the use of fertility drugs!

Plus, he announced his engagement on the same day that would have been her seventh wedding anniversary to ex-husband John Stamos, according to sources. That’s pretty ballsy.

O’Connell and Romijn were married in July of 2007. Better and Taco were IN the wedding!

Jerry’s procreative efforts, dissing the ex and being secure enough to deal with poodles in his wedding ceremony pretty much nab him a high score at the Manly Man rodeo.