Mariah Carey Says No to Ellen’s Champagne Room

Don’t let the disarming dance moves fool you; if Ellen DeGeneres wants her news, she’ll get her news.

Ask unassuming Mariah Carey, who stopped by Mrs. Portia de Rossi’s couch Tuesday for a chat.  Despite her casual vibe, DeGeneres tried her luck at confirming rumors that 38-year-old Carey is pregnant with husband Nick Cannon’s child.

Ellen put the baby question on the table, but said: “You don’t have to answer that.”  Then she produced a bottle of alcohol: “Let’s just toast with champagne.”

You devil, DeGeneres. Naturally, a mother-to-be won’t imbibe intoxicating spirits in this day and age.

Mariah, who held secret Bahamian nuptials with 28-year-old Cannon in April, laughed off the bubbles, saying 3 o’clock in the afternoon was a bit early for a diva to tie one on.

“I can’t believe you did this to me, Ellen,” Carey sputtered, “this is peer pressure!”

When a baby does indeed come along, who knows what lengths Ellen will go to for a first look? Perhaps an empty, 1600 thread-count bassinet to lure in the famous offspring?