Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Not Re-LAX-ed

Zac Efron lookalike (hey, she said it) Megan Fox, 22, and alleged fiance Brian Austin Green, 35, were spotted at LAX looking like they wanted to be anywhere but at an airport.

No one, not even beauties like Fox and the lucky chums who accompany them, likes traveling on Thanksgiving.

Especially having to deal with busy airports, lost luggage and crowded flights.

Fox could have probably gotten through those lines faster if she had actually put into action her theory that she is the same person as Zac Efron.

If Brian Austen really wants his prediction of a quiet, getaway wedding to Megan to take place, he should be more selective about the pair’s flight dates.

Travel stress has taken down more-solid-looking couples than him and his Fox.