Rep Says Angelina Jolie Not Pregnant

Just when the mother of six had inched back into black mini-dress territory, InTouch magazine reports that 33-year-old actress Angelina Jolie is pregnant once more.

Us Weekly, however, has stepped up to yelp at the ankles of the mag, with official comment from Jolie’s longtime career manager Geyer Kosinski.

“Not true,” were the words coming from Kosinski. The quote is a simple but relatively powerful point. The rep rarely addresses any tabloid reports regarding Jolie, partner Brad Pitt, 45, or their children.

InTouch ran the speculation that Jolie was carrying another child on their cover, alleging the news spilled at a London restaurant when a waiter tried to slip Angie some alcohol.

Along with the denial, Us has an inside source that says the Changeling star’s next project, the Tom Cruise-plucked Edwin A. Salt, is on track to start filming in February.

It’s better for the action-actress not to be pregnant right now.  A CIA agent rolling around with a baby bump would be a bit tedious, even for unorthodox, thrill-seeking Jolie.