Samantha Ronson: The Loneliest Li’l Lohan Lover

Poor Samantha Ronson.

Just look at her at Los Angeles International Airport today, en route to her DJ gig at Crimson at Sax Hotel in Chicago tonight. Without her lady love, Lindsay Lohan, who’s been working out her own issues in recent days.

It’s not been easy for the 31-year-old Ronson. She’s had to play babysitter to a 22-year-old, booze-besotted, overgrown child. With whom she fights incessantly. And now…she’s alone, on the eve of a national holiday that celebrates the importance of friends and family.

But Samantha Ronson is British, and they don’t have Thanksgiving; so maybe her lonely vigil is not totally sad after all.

As you sit down to your turkey and trimmings this Thanksgiving, spare a thought for Samantha Ronson.

For even in her isolation, she gives all of us a view of what’s really important in this life. Namely, perseverance in the face of difficulty, and toughing it out until someone comes along to show you a little charity.