Vanessa Hudgens Books It to the Library

Sporting a pirate-like look, High School Musical 3 starlet Vanessa Hudgens was snapped while walking to the library in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Hudgens, 19, has seen her life return to a more normal pace now that the dust has settled on HSM’s third successful installment and the buzz surrounding teen vampire flick Twilight has replaced it.

To date, High School Musical 3 has grossed $87 million at the U.S. box office since its release one month ago. The Disney film’s production budget was $11 million.

Hudgens’ next starring role will be in summer 2009’s Bandslam.  A high school outcast bonds with a popular girl over their shared love of music.  They assemble a rock group that aspires to win their school’s upcoming battle of the bands competition.

Sounds familiar?  Maybe it won’t be.

The picture is directed by quirky (check out his 2003 pic Camp) visionary Todd Graff and has appearances by Lisa Kudrow and David Bowie.

Vanessa shares the female lead with 19-year-old Alyson Michalka. (She was Keely Teslow in the Disney comedy series Phil of the Future.) Take a guess which one is the outcast and which one is the popular girl.

And leave that guess in comments.