Be Thankful For: Clay Aiken Finally Coming Out

Be Thankful For: Clay Aiken Finally Coming Out-photo

Just like fellow singer Lance Bass, American Idol's Clay Aiken chose People magazine as the forum in which he would reveal his true sexuality to the world.

Two months ago, the singer came clean to his friends, family and fans with a secret that he had been holding inside for years. The cover read, "Yes, I'm Gay," and the exclusive interview showed a side of Clay that no one had really seen before.

His main reason for coming out was to be honest with his newborn son. Whatever the reason, it's refreshing and heart-warming to see someone rise against the odds and be brave enough to take the risk of coming out, especially in a country so divided on the issue.

We're proud of you, Clay!



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  • Dan

    Do the bloggers have any idea that Clay's fans aren't all old ladies? I get so bloody tired of having just a few nutbars represented as the entire demographic. Look at the videos at the Stage Door and you will get a better grasp on who his fans are. Yes there are some old ladies but there are many more fans who are young and many males of all ages and sexualities. There are 100 message boards for his fans but they don't quote the ones for male fans or the teenagers or the gay boards, but only the one for the super Christian older women. What about the other 99 that are not like that? Get a clue!