Be thankful For: Kim Kardashian Coming Clean

Celebuzz fashion columnist Kim Kardashian has said that she is tired of being questioned about whether she’s had plastic surgery. In an attempt to quash the rumours, Kardashian posted a picture of herself in a bikini when she was 14 on her official website.

The photo shows Kim as an early teen, and it proves that she’s never been under the knife.

“I have had a size C (bust) since I was 11 years old! So one day I will definitely get a lift, but I am waiting until after I have kids. Until then I rely on a great supportive bra!”

Kim goes on to say that she isn’t against plastic surgery, except in the case of lip injections.

“I think lip injections look very fake and bad and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with stuff in their lips—so I wouldn’t do it to myself.”

Kudos, Kim! You shut down the rumor mill by coming forward with actual proof.