Be Thankful For: Lindsay Lohan Settling Down (Somewhat)

Be Thankful For: Lindsay Lohan Settling Down (Somewhat)-photo

Lindsay Lohan, 22, has sure come a long way since her days of bar-hopping and panty-dropping.

The "clean and sober" actress hasn't stopped hitting the clubs, but nowadays, she has a hand to hold onto while crossing the velvet rope: Since the beginning of the summer, Lindsay has slowly become more public with her girlfriend and DJ to the stars, Samantha Ronson.

The couple does everything together: shopping, traveling, dining, candy runs, you name it!

And just think: a year ago, Lindsay was just getting out of rehab and was dating a scrubby skater boy who sold her out to the tabloids. Now, if only she would get rid of those damn leggings!


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