All These Celebs Wanted for Thanksgiving Is Veggie Turkey

Hollywood has celebrated their day of thanks, but not all the celebs carved up a turkey.

Some stars would rather go meatless:

Paul McCartney’s ex-wife and Dancing With the Stars contestant Heather Mills is adamant about her vegan beliefs and animal rights.  She once raided a pig farm to raise animal cruelty awareness. Mills made headlines last year by encouraging people to drink rats’ or dogs’ milk, instead of milk from a cow.

Retiring actor turned musician Joaquin Phoenix is a strict vegetarian. He followed in his family’s footsteps when he opted for a vegan lifestyle—and he doesn’t eat or use any animal-derived products.

Country songstress Carrie Underwood was raised in a farming community, and quit eating meat at age 13. She phased out items before giving up meat all together.

Actress Alicia Silverstone takes her veggie-ism to a whole new level: Even her dogs adhere to a vegan diet.

Film star Natalie Portman has said being a vegetarian in college was difficult. Her love for animals is her reason for being a vegetarian. Portman doesn’t even wear leather.

For more than 14 years Spidey Tobey Maguire has been a vegetarian. He said even before he gave up meat, he never really liked eating it and always had a tough time digesting chicken.

Actor and musician Jared Leto is a sworn vegetarian, too. His list of favorite foods includes onion rings, though he doesn’t even like onions.

Kristen Bell of Heroes has gone meatless since she was 11 years old because she couldn’t differentiate a hamburger from her dog.

Vegetarian pop sensation Leona Lewis turned down a $1.85 million offer to open the sale at London department store Harrods because it sells fur. Lewis gave up meat when she was 12, and claims not to own clothes, bags or shoes made of animal products.

Musician Anthony Kiedis recently went vegan after learning about the worldwide depletion of fish in the oceans, and after a doctor recommended a healthy vegan diet for his son.