Gliding or Sliding? Robert Pattinson Beats Paris

A few months ago, Twilight’s British star Robert Pattinson was definitely not a household name. It’s absolutely shocking, and quite fascinating, how quickly things changed for the hunky actor:

  • Millions of blood-hungry teenage girls flocked to the box office last weekend, resulting in a $70.6 million opening weekend, the #1 box office spot, and guaranteed sequels.
  • R Pattz will have plenty of money to feed his hefty booze habit, as his payraise for the next couple movies is in the $10 million territory!
  • He showed up to do multiple interviews, even surprising fans on the Tyra Banks Show. He sure knows how to entertain the ladies!

Ok, so Paris Hilton looked like she was getting her act together over the past year. She was dating Benji Madden, working like crazy, and even seemingly acquired a sense of humor. Yet, this week showed everyone that the old Paris is back:

  • Surprise, surprise. Paris and Benji split up, but are still “in love!” Riiight.
  • She showed up to the American Music Awards in a super tacky outfit that screamed desperation!
  • Then she appeared at the opening of the Pussycat Dolls Lounge in Los Angeles in this outfit. A little late for Halloween, no?
  • And it seems that the public is sick of Paris. She was booed at multiple events this week. Time for a break, hun!