Jessica Stam: Not Romantically Prudent

Is Jessica Stam taking relationship advice from Anne Hathaway?  The 22-year-old, Canadian-born model and the 26-year-old Princess Diaries actress seem to have similar taste in men—that is to say, questionable.

The New York Post reports that Stam—whose previous beaus include plane-crash survivor DJ AM, Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis and Harrison Ford’s son Malcolm Ford—has been dipping in the shallower end of the dating pool lately.

Since the summer, Stam has been attached to Austin Cregg. Cregg is the 23-year-old son of 80s singer Huey Lewis. His dad is the least troubling thing about the guy.

Cregg was busted for pot possession and graffiti charges back in March, and is now facing possible jail time on that minuscule beef for failing to complete a community-service stint. 

The 23-year-old was sentenced to work 10 days at a downtown soup kitchen. After completing only seven days, he was ordered to complete the remaining three days before February, or else head to the clink.

According to a Stam associate, Cregg has been using Jessica’s lawyer to keep news of his legal woes away from his father. “Jessica has been funding the whole affair,” the source reveals.

A former farmgirl who grew up with six brothers should have more common sense and keener insight into the male mind.

Apparently love is blind—and, in Stam’s case, deaf enough to ignore Clegg’s musical heritage and date him anyway.