Morning Frills #105: ‘Sweet and Lowe’ Edition

While Gavin Rossdale occupies himself with his other young ones, his 19-year-old daughter, Daisy Lowe, is showing that she’s all grown up.

The British model—who until recently was also known as record producer Mark Ronson’s big-mouthed girlfriend—shows off her other anatomical attributes in the latest issue of Paradis magazine, posing in the buff for a tasteful, though gratifying, black-and-white nude photo-spread.

Until 2004, Lowe believed that Rossdale, 43, was actually her godfather, until a paternity test proved otherwise.

What could never be in doubt, however, is that Daisy Lowe wears her skin very well.

Click through the gallery on the right and see for yourself. It’s guaranteed to induce a Lowe-down dirty feeling.

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