‘Terminator’ Interactive Poster Hits Web

John Connor cometh.

Sony Pictures has unveiled a new Flash poster for Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment of the action franchise popularized by now-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ironic that a major city in Arnie’s jurisdiction, Los Angeles, doesn’t exactly get the best treatment in the poster. The promo opens with a normal aerial shot of the city in 2009.  Slowly, L.A. morphs through explosions and destruction leading up to 2018 (the movie’s present day).

In the midst of the ruins, forms the face of the destroyer!

Arnie won’t be anywhere near this installment of the cash cow series, however. The reigns belong to maddeningly metrosexual and lethal Batman himself, Christian Bale, 34, fresh off the monster success of The Dark Knight.

Check out the action-packed poster:

Salvation is slated to open May 22, 2009, and also stars rapper Common, 36, (given name Lonnie Rashid Lynn) and 42-year-old period-piece queen Helena Bonham Carter.