The Cruises and the Beckhams: Family Day Out

If you live in NYC, you probably felt some sort of a fame tremor in the latter part of this week. Why? Tom Cruise, 46, and Katie Holmes and David, 33, and Victoria Beckham, 34, joined family forces to take over the city!

Photographers caught Tom, Katie and Tom’s adopted children Connor, 13, and Isabella, 15, and daughter (and Forbes’ “Top Tot”) Suri, 2, leaving their Manhattan apartment to catch up with David and Victoria and their sons Cruz, 3, Romeo, 6, and Brooklyn, 9, for a tasty rendezvous at NYC’s Serafina restaurant.

Victoria Beckham wore a blazingly white trenchcoat, fedora, and sunglasses. Is she starting a career as a private eye? If so, that’s not the most inconspicuous garb for the job.

After eats, the families split up and the Beckhams stopped for treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar, and then took in a show.

The couples and kids have been spotted everywhere in NYC this Turkey Day holiday.

Tom has introduced them to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, carriage rides in Central Park, Katie’s play All My Sons, and they even took in a circus!

Both families were spotted front row ringside, enjoying the Big Apple Circus, which features a clown named Grandma?

Let’s hope both sets of parents know how to handle it when the kids have nightmares…