Winona Ryder’s Borrowed Jewels Gone Missing

The mystery of Winona Ryder’s midair medical emergency has been solved. The secret ingredient? Xanax, according to British newspaper the Sun. But now there’s a new case afoot.

A diamond bracelet and a ring worth more than $125,000 and loaned to the Girl Interrupted actress for an event in Madrid are missing, the New York Post reports.

Ryder allegedly borrowed the Bulgari jewels to wear to a Marie Claire magazine event earlier this week. She claims to have left them with the concierge at her hotel for safeguarding. But now they’re missing.

French magazine Voici reports that security camera footage of Ryder handing over the goods doesn’t exist. The magazine also says Bulgari beseeched Madrid officials to investigate the case of the missing jewels. 

The Post noted in its account of these recent events that Ryder has a history of shoplifting. The newspaper also said her representatives haven’t returned messages asking for comments on the story.


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