The Penelope Cruz Files

Penelope Cruz knows what it means to live the Hollywood lifestyle. The 34-year-old actress (who is currently in Spain with beau Javier Bardem) not only lives a life of glamour, but she’s a successful actress to boot. This humble A-lister really captivates us despite her self-depircating remarks. So what’s her secret? Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like Penelope! 


Penelope has a contract with L’Oreal, and she uses a ton of their products. Get her smoky-eye look by lining the entire top and bottom lids with black eyeliner pencil, then apply navy blue eye shadow over the eyeliner. This will give you her classic, smoky-eye look. Try Chanel’s Precision Eye-Definer in Blue Jean and Chanel Quadra eye shadow in color Bleu Celeste. Then use Loreal’s Telescopic Mascara in Blackest-Black. Her true beauty secret is a natural glow. “I spend so many hours in hair and makeup,” Penelope has said. “When I’m not working I don’t do my hair. It’s too much trouble.” 


Penelope Cruz confesses to being a former junk food junkie. She also loves to munch on carbs. Her trainer Gunnar Peterson says that an important part of Penelope’s lifestyle is that she gets plenty of sleep. She’s in dream land more than eight hours a night because when she works out, she’s always rested and dynamic.  She works out five days a week and prefers cardio and jogging.  Peterson also helps Penelope to keep her body well proportioned by doing adequate exercises and focusing, in every work out, on a different part of the body. 


Like all celebs, well, most of them, Penelope also watches what she eats. But the actress has a positive attitude and doesn’t make a big deal or wine after eating junk food.  “If she eats fries, then she eats them and moves on to the next thing. It’s not a big deal,” says her trainer.


Penelope admits she hates to revisit Los Angeles hangout the Sunset Marquis, where she felt lonely on the set of her first English-language movie, The Hi-Lo Country. She’s been spotted with former flame Orlando Bloom at L.A. hot spot Hyde. She has a house in Los Angeles and another one near Madrid, Spain.