What is the Deal With Kristin Cavallari?

What is the Deal With Kristin Cavallari?-photo

Kristin Cavallari continues to be invited to events and is followed by the paparazzi on a pretty regular basis. The girl hasn't worked in years, so what gives?

The 21-year-old was the original enemy of the one-and-only Lauren Conrad. Forget about Audrina and Heidi—her drama with LC on Laguna Beach was actually pretty darn real! The two fought over super-important things, like who was going to host the next booze-drench party and over another Laguna stud, Stephen Colletti.

But since that show ended, Lauren has shot to Worldwide stardom with The Hills, and Kristin has landed a few guest spots on TV shows and some modeling work.

So feel free to answer our longstanding question down in the comments: Why is this girl still famous?



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  • northcacalac

    Hmmm-probably because shes a media whore and will pretty much take whatever attention she can get!

  • TiGS

    hmm.... probably cuz she's waaay prettier than lauren?