Abbie Cornish Spends Thanksgiving With the Phillippes

Ryan Phillippe, 34 , his girlfriend of three years Abbie Cornish, 26, daughter Ava, 9, and son Deacon, 5, were all spotted arriving at LAX after spending the Thanksgiving weekend with Ryan’s family. He hails from Delaware.

The couple sported almost matching white jerseys, “screw you, paparazzi!” sunglasses and scowls and caps.

It’s nice to see that Phillippe’s children with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, 32, look comfy around Dad’s girfriend. And that Cornish is apparently ok to take home to Ryan’s parents.

Cornish was reportedly the “other woman” in Phillippe and Witherspoon’s divorce after nine years of marriage in 2006.

Phillippe met her when they filmed Stop-Loss together.

It appears as though the kids don’t have any hard feelings toward the Australian actress themselves.

Their mom, on the other hand, might feel a little differently.

She recently told People that “I think the most important thing is to be a grownup. And not let any kind of feelings affect how you deal with your children.”

And what are those “feelings” exactly?