Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale: Why So Serious?

High School Musical starlets Vanessa Hudgens , 19, and Ashley “The Tis” Tisdale, 23, did some shopping at Bloomingdale’s on Black Friday. Luckily, they survived.

Hudgens and Tisdale shopped for bargains at a Bloomie’s near their Los Angeles homes, and were watched over by store security.

It looks like maybe they didn’t get the items they were looking for.

Both girls, in some serious boots, sunglasses and long tops, look pretty down in the mouth.

Maybe they just had a major bitch session about that Megan Fox, 22, chick.

You know, the one who has admitted to having a major crush on Vanessa’s boyfriend and their HSM co-star, Zac Efron.

They don’t care if they have just finished starring in some of the most sugary sweet movies Disney has ever made. They can throw down if they need to.

You keep your hands off the Z, Fox!