Britney Spears Goes On ‘The Record’

Britney Spears’ documentary, Britney Spears: For the Record, premiered on MTV last night and earned rave reviews from her fans.

A survey of suggests that her many fans empathized with the plight of a superstar who went through a really bad patch in her life and is struggling to put it behind her.

Spears famously experienced a very public meltdown during the past year which resulted in her losing custody of her children and undergoing two psychiatric hospitalizations.

“The reality is, famous or not, we are all the same. We hurt, we love, and we make mistakes, nobody is better than anyone,” a fan named “Nicole” posted on Britney’s official website.

The documentary depicted Britney picking up the pieces by recording her new album Circus, which drops tomorrow on her 27th birthday, and practicing performing for a short European promotional tour.

The tour included stops to sing her single “Womanizer” in Germany, France (check out the performance above,) and England.

Britney would alternately appear depressed (she did cry at one point) and ruing how her life is like the film Groundhog Day now. She would then bounce back and seem to take comfort in her friends, choreographer, and her Dad—Jamie Spears. And in cheese grits!

“I’m amazed at her courage and strength to bring herself out of such a tough situation. The documentary was gritty, raw and showed Britney as she really is, human,” fan Kimberly wrote.

Britney is back in the United State and in New York City, preparing for her live birthday performance tomorrow on Good Morning America. Go Brit!