Christopher Ciccone: Leaves Madonna Alone to Direct

Page Six reports that Madonna’s younger brother and former best friend Christopher Ciccone, 48, is putting down his poison pen and picking up a camera.

Madge’s sibling is set to direct a film called Twist, which is described as “a gory teen thriller about a serial killer running wild through a coastal California town.”

Ciccone recently penned a memoir, Life With My Sister Madonna, in which he portrayed Big Sis, 50, in a less than favorable light.

He even toured with the book, and endured some harsh criticism for reportedly selling out his sister (who used to also be his employer).

Despite his dour outlook on his sister and how she relates to him, Ciccone recently said he felt “sadness” over her divorce from director Guy Ritchie, 40.

There has been speculation that Madonna had a hand in the book’s authorship.

The Twist screenplay, however, sounds like it’s all Christopher.

“We have not seen a script this twisted since American Psycho and Wild Things,” the film’s producer says.