‘Four Christmases’ Has a Happy Thanksgiving

Vince Vaughn, 38, and the recently NYC house-hunting Reese Witherspoon, 32, play a bickering couple in the holiday flick Four Christmases.  Allegedly, they felt the same about each other in real life. They now have something to make up over.

Their flick was #1 this weekend at the box office, and brought in a respectable $46 million.

The tale of a couple who has to fit in visiting the four branches of their extended families in one Christmas knocked the vampire-teens-in-love drama Twilight out of the numero uno position.

Witherspoon has denied that things between her and slouchy funny guy Vince Vaughn were strained on the set.

Whatever was going on between them (Vaughn hasn’t appeared for any promo appearances for the film alongside Witherspoon) has spun into box office gold.  Maybe it’s good they didn’t get along, and hopefully they’ll still be snappy at each other for the sequel, Four More Christmases.