Gordon Ramsay: Gorging on Infidelity?

Things are heating up in the Gordon Ramsay sex scandal.

Though the 42-year-old Kitchen Nightmares host has denied rumors that he’s cheated on his 33-year-old wife, Cayetana “Tana” Elizabeth Hutcheson, Sarah Symonds says otherwise.

Symonds, 38, claims that Ramsay has been carrying on an affair with her, and also bragging to her about other extramarital dalliances, according to the Daily Mail.

“Not only has he been cheating on Tana with me, but he told me he had another regular mistress in Denmark,” Symonds claims. “He said she is a writer and is married too. They’d met after he’d done a book signing over there and that they’d had sex after that and continued from there.”

Symonds further claims that Ramsay revealed “he’d had sex with a girl after a Hell’s Kitchen wrap party. He told me that it was a one-nighter four years ago in L.A.”

Symonds—author of the how-to book Having an Affair: A Handbook for the Other Woman, says that she was Ramsay’s “confidante—more than a mistress. He even called me his soulmate. I was happy with that.”

The Welsh-born Symonds—who says that she and Ramsay met in 2001 at London nightclub Chinawhite—claims that the pair engaged in “particularly dirty” phone sex that lasted “well over an hour.”  In addition, they supposedly shared seven instances of flesh-to-flesh coupling. She insists that during their affair—which lasted until 2007—Ramsay displayed a fondness for the drug amyl nitrate, commonly known as “poppers.”

The shout-happy TV chef is having some fun with Symonds’ allegations. During a recent live cooking broadcast, Gordon cracked, “It’s true, I confess, I have been f*ck*ing [TV cooking rival] Delia [Smith] for the past ten years and [Ramsay’s right-hand man] Mark Sergeant is our love child.”