Whitney Houston Says ‘Hell, Nah!’ to Bobby Brown Reunion

Breitbart.com reports that Whitney Houston’s representation is denying speculation that she has reunited with ex-husband Bobby Brown. Whew. America wasn’t ready for that.

The Chicago Sun-Times recently claimed that Houston, 45, and Brown, 39, who have been divorced since April of 2007, were spotted canoodling in Georgia.

Whitney’s publicist calls the story a “complete fabrication.”

Houston and Brown, famous for their 14-year tumultuous marriage which was depicted in the Bravo reality series Being Bobby Brown, were married in 1992.

Houston is a two-time rehab veteran has been at the center of various rumors about drug addiction while experiencing a declining stardom.  She officially filed for a separation in October of 2006.

Brown has been arrested for various drug and alcohol charges over the years, and has faced court reprimands for unpaid child support to his other children.

The couple’s one child, daughter Bobbi Kristina, is 15 and lives in Houston’s custody.

Whitney seems to have pulled her life together, so why would she ever make THAT mistake again?