America Ferrera Bags a Checkerboard

The costume designers over at ABC’s Ugly Betty have outdone themselves once again in designing hideous outfits for America Ferrera’s lovable character to wear.

Here’s America, 24, cuddling up to actress Ana Ortiz, 37, who plays her sister Hilda on the hit ABC comedy.

She’s holding what might be the “ugliest” purse ever created. It even distracts from the pink tights and blue winter coat.

It’s a pink and black checked bag with a stuffed cat clinging to the side. Where does one even buy that? And black and white checked shoes to match!

This might be America’s punishment for her recent slamming of shows like Gossip Girl and The Hills. Her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star Blake Lively, 21, might not have been thrilled about Ferrera trashing her show.

Perhaps Blake has an in with the costume designer over at Betty?