Morning Frills #107: ‘Well, Clancy That!’ Edition

Despite their rocky history, Germany and Great Britain have been collaborating on some wonderful projects lately.

Such as this photo-shoot featuring Abigail “Abbey” Clancy for the December 2008 issue of FHM Germany.

The 22-year-old, Liverpool-born Clancy first came to international attention as the boyfriend of soccer player Peter Crouch (the two have since broken up), and has since moved on to high-profile TV gigs on shows such as Britain’s Next Top Model and The Fashion Show. It’s doubtful that the plucky little blonde will stop there; from the looks of these photos, she’s going to have the whole world licked before too long.

But perhaps the scribes at FHM Germany say it best when they write, “Abigail Clancy kommt aus  dem nebligen England. Und zeigt dir, was sie gelernt hat.”

And how!

Click through the gallery on the right for more of Abigail Clancy’s international mission of sexiness. All hail the new world order!