No One’s Buying Paris Hilton’s Groove

Things haven’t been going so well for Paris Hilton lately.

Her boyfriend Benji Madden, 29, set aside his mad love for the reality TV figure and cut it off with her. She was rated Hollywood’s Most Overexposed Celebrity by Forbes magazine. And she was booed off the stage at a recent birthday party for Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier’s 16-year-old daughter Crystal Rock.

And now, perhaps the final indignity: No reputable record company wants to release her upcoming album.

Crazy Days and Nights reports that Hilton, 27, has so far been unable to find a label for her as-yet-untitled sophomore album. (The first single, “My BFF,” debuted in September on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.)

Hilton’s debut album, Paris, was released in August 2006 on Heiress Records, an imprint of Warner Bros. records. Though the album yielded a moderate hit with the pop-reggae tune “Stars Are Blind,” Warner Bros. dropped Hilton in June 2007, just as she was set to serve a jail term on a reckless-driving charge. (The official reason given was weak album sales.)

 As for the sound of the new album, Hilton says, ” I wrote all the songs, it’s very dance, like Kylie Minogue.”

Yes, Paris, with one major difference: People are actually willing to pay to hear Kylie Minogue sing.

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