Russell Crowe: Trading In Cake For A Bicycle

The grown somewhat stout Russell Crowe, 44, was spotted getting physical in Beverly Hills.

Crowe and a friend (or strict trainer) got their ride on with some healthy biking.

The Body of Lies star gained upwards of 60 lbs for his role in the CIA drama, and has seemed to have difficult shedding it.

He’s currently in post-production for the political thriller State of Play with Ben Affleck (where his journalist character obviously didn’t have any nude scenes) and is getting ready to start filming his dual roles in the Robin Hood movie Nottingham with director Ridley Scott.

Robin Hood is a classical character of derring-do so Scott must be on Crowe like white on rice about losing that extra 60 lbs. so he can rob from the rich and give to the poor in Sherwood Forest.

Hence the biking.

That bakery he was frequenting is going to go under.