Sarah Jessica Parker Provides Cold Comfort

Sarah Jessica Parker, last seen hobnobbing with Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell at the New York City Ballet, made the scene in the Big Apple with another blonde companion yesterday—James Wilkie, her six-year-old son with husband Matthew Broderick.

Laboring under the weight of a loaded backpack, James—sporting, as usual, his cherished Barack Obama pin—seemed momentarily ill-at-ease as mother and child gallivanted along the sidewalk.

Could he have been troubled by the prospect of Dad—long rumored to be getting a little on the side—suddenly bolting while Mom and son left the old man to his own devices?

Or was he merely wondering when right-wing crackpots will stop claiming that the President-Elect isn’t actually a United States citizen?

Either way, 43-year-old SJP got down to James’ level and offered some words of encouragement before the pair headed back on their now-merry way.

Sigh; it’s a shame that not all celebrity mothers can take such an effective approach to solving their children’s woes.