Sienna Miller Wants Balthazar Getty on the Big Screen

Rumors persist that Sienna Miller and her still-married lover Balthazar Getty are back together.

This comes despite Miller, 26, publicly declaring the couple’s illicit relationship to be over just one month ago.

U.K. paper The Sun reports today that Sienna is trying to land a film she and Balthazar, 33, can star in together. Is she completely unaware of her public perception, even after the writing was literally spray-painted on her wall?

“Her advisers are warning how unpopular [doing a film together] would be,” says a Sun source.

“People haven’t taken to them as a pair due to the way they got together. They fear people will find it a bit too sickly—and as though they are rubbing his wife’s face in it. But Sienna insists it could be movie gold and is looking for a script.”

Well, if that project fails to gain any legs, Sienna could always search for a co-starring vehicle with her reported real-life backup, Josh Hartnett.

After all, the 30-year-old 30 Days of Night actor is also in London, like Sienna.

Josh is doing Rain Man on the West End stage. And if he misses any more performances, he may just need a new job.