Victoria Beckham Denies She Courts Fame

Where do people get these ideas, anyway?

Victoria Beckham has lashed out at those who say she and husband David Beckham, 33, are attention-hungry.

“We lead our lives in a much more low-profile way than people think. I’m not going to the Ivy in Beverly Hills. I don’t think I’ve been to a premiere since we moved there,” Victoria, 34, tells the Daily Mail.

To her credit, “Posh” has been known to zip through airports rather incognito.

“We’re not courting fame. I can give you a list of numerous restaurants that have underground parking so no one can get any photographs,” adds the onetime Spice Girls singer.

“Underground car parks and kitchens—that’s my grand entrance. But in L.A., at least we can be freer. I think the obsession with celebrity is worse in the U.K. than in America.”

Of course, even when David tries to do something as simple as bring his sons to a basketball game, the paparazzi are lying in wait to capture every moment on film.

“I don’t really care what people think,” Vicki continues. “I never made friends easily. For years, when I was in the Spice Girls, those were my four best friends. Now I’ve got David.”

Well, David and the Cruises