AnnaLynne McCord Shows Off Her Kitty

On a break from shooting scenes for 90210 in Playa Del Rey, California, AnnaLynne McCord, 21, hung out in her trailer and showed off her tabby cat named, uh, Mouse to photographers.

AnnaLynne always seems to know how to get plenty of attention, whether it be hamming it up on a swing set, giving cameramen a bit of a nip slip or kissing a gal pal full on the mouth in public.

The actress and her 90210 co-stars had gotten some media flak for their ultra-thin frames earlier in the show’s season. But McCord looks like she’s achieved a healthy weight here.

Maybe she should offer some advice for a balanced diet to her 15-year-old CW-mate Taylor Momsen. Surely there is a crafts services table full of delectable goodies on the Gossip Girl set?

AnnaLynne will next appear in the February 2009 comedy Fired Up, a story about the two most popular guys in a high school who decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp.