Brandy Calls Out Rihanna and Beyonce

Brandy may have been less than forthcoming about her marital status, but when it comes to critiquing others’ wardrobes, she shoots from the hip.

Media Takeout reports that the 29-year-old singer and actress (full name: Brandy Rayana Norwood) took fellow songbirds Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty) to task over their fashion sense during an Us Weekly interview.

Quizzed about her real feelings on her colleagues’ costuming choices, Brandy blurted out, “I love Rihanna’s style and I’ve always loved Beyonce’s style, but my style is classy and simple and fashion forward.”

Oh, no, she didn’t!

Wait; roll back the tape.

Oh, yes, she did!

Come on now, Brandy; no doubt you boast a simple yet elegant style. But do you really want to question Rihanna’s fashion sense? The 20-year-old has a wardrobe appropriate for everything from chopping down trees to checking train passengers’ tickets.

As far as Beyonce, 27, goes, three words: sexy cat burglar.

Wouldn’t want a war of the R&B divas breaking out now. Probably.